Beachwood Recordings


All Wood and Doors


Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley

with Paul Barrere, John Batdorf, Scott Breadman, Laurence Juber,
Rick Ruskin, Timothy B. Schmit, Peter Tork, Chad Watson,
and special guests John Densmore and Robby Krieger.

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Beachwood Recordings

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Beachwood Recordings was founded in 1985 by James Lee Stanley. It was his vision to present intelligent melodic acoustic music at a time when Disco was Queen.

Throughout the company's 26 year history, it has released over 40 CD's on various artists including world renown guitarists Laurence Juber (Solo Flight and Naked Guitar), and Rick Ruskin (Turn the Page); Peter Tork of Monkee fame (Stranger Things Have Happened, Two Man Band w/James Lee Stanley and Once Again w/James Lee Stanley); Pamala Stanley (Coming Out of Hiding); Danny O'Keefe (Redux); Chris Bennett (Bus Stop); Michael Smith (Two Man Band Two w/James Lee Stanley); the Housewives (Get the Dirt); as well as a dozen solo CD's of James Lee Stanley, including the much touted Freelance Human Being, chosen by FI Magazine as the Record of the Year and one of the Top 200 CD's of All Time.

Beachwood is committed to releasing and promoting melodic music with intelligent lyrical content coupled with state of the art recording techniques performed by consumate professionals. As opposed to the product churned out by conglomerates chaired by bean counters, James Lee calls our releases, "music for the rest of us".

We want to help keep live music alive. All the artists on the label actually tour much of the year performing their art live before crowds of appreciative patrons.

It has been the commitment of Beachwood to present classic recordings that will stand the test of time. The fact that we still receive and fill orders for every record in our catalog is a testament to that longevity and timelessness. We stand behind every recording we release, and we guarantee it. If you are not completely sastified simply return the CD for a refund, no questions asked.

Stephen Chandler
General Manager
Beachwood Recordings

©2011 James Lee Stanley