Beachwood Recordings


All Wood and Doors


Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley

with Paul Barrere, John Batdorf, Scott Breadman, Laurence Juber,
Rick Ruskin, Timothy B. Schmit, Peter Tork, Chad Watson,
and special guests John Densmore and Robby Krieger.

The Instruments

This is a list of the equipment that we used on All Wood and Doors:

Cliff Eberhardt & James Lee Stanley

Cliff and James Lee use Elixir Strings exclusively.

Cliff's guitars: Martin JCD16RGTE, Granata Dobro
James' guitars: Collings D2H, Martin D-28H, and Taylor 810 CE

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars: Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley

Background Vocals: James Lee Stanley, Cliff Eberhardt, John Batdorf, Timothy B. Schmit

Lead Guitars: Paul Barrere, John Batdorf, Cliff Eberhardt, Laurence Juber, Robby Krieger, Rick Ruskin, James Lee Stanley, Peter Tork

Bass and Mandolin: Chad Watson

Percussion: Scott Breadman, John Densmore, James Lee Stanley

Mastered by: Ron McMaster at Capitol Records

©2011 James Lee Stanley